Complete Gate System Service and Installation

Why hire a professional Gate Technician? Gates are extremely heavy and generate high levels of force that can create a very dangerous situation if not properly installed. Gate openers require detailed installation procedures including, vehicular detection devices and entrapment prevention devices. The Gate Opener must be installed in compliance with the UL 325 Safety Standard and the Gate must comply with ASTM F2200. It could become exceedingly costly and hazardous to allow someone without the required experience and knowledge to repair or install your Gate System. Our gate technicians are continually attending Seminars to learn the latest technology on Gate Openers and Access Systems.

Gate Services

R & R Garage Doors has been installing and servicing Gate Openers and Gates for 41 years. We are a licensed, bonded and insured, full-time Gate Company. We have installed Gates and Gate Access Control Systems on most of the sub-divisions in Hernando County. We only sell Quality products that can be expected to last a minimum of 10-15 years. We service and sell all major quality brand operators, including Viking, Apollo, Liftmaster, U.S. Automatic, HySecurity, IQ Gate Systems and more.Our Gate Technicians are highly trained in diagnosing, repairing or replacing all major brand operators. We generally preform all repairs and welding onsite, but for severely damaged gates we are able to transport them to our shop for extensive repairs or welding. 

Custom-Made Gates


We also install Custom-Made Gates for residential homes, gated communities, and commercial businesses. We can walk you through your custom design from your initial thought, simple photo, or drawing, all the way to the infinite possibilities of your Custom-Made Gate. Our Gates can be made of either steel or aluminum and are powder coated or painted in a variety of colors. Custom-Made Gates can be embellished with gold finials, initials, house numbers, your favorite football team logo, palm trees, just about anything you could think of!   R & R Garage Doors is dedicated to the design and technical support required for your driveway entrance system.                                          

Types of Gates

Sliding Gate 
A Sliding Gate opens either left to right or right to left parallel to the back of your fence. A Sliding Gate is essential when space is limited or if your driveway has a slope near your Gate Entrance. Not only do they come in all multitudes of design styles, Sliding Gates are an extremely efficient entry for your residence or business.
The Cantilever Slide Gate never touches the ground. The rollers are attached to posts at the base of the Gate that slides through a channel that is welded to the gate. A Slide Gate is perfect for properties that have width but not depth. No matter what type of Gate you are interested in, our Gates are affordable, secure and dependable.

Swing Gates 
A Swing Gate swings out or into the driveway, just like a door in your home. There are two types of Swing Gates. a single swing and a bi-parting or dual swing Gate. The choice is depending on the space for wing-length and personal preference.
If you are looking for a sophisticated entrance for your home consider an Iron or Wrought Iron style Gate. Create elegance, curb appeal and security to your home or business!
Chain Link Swing Gates can be an economical option for your home or business. Although this is the more affordable option, there are still many attractive styles to choose from.

Barrier Gates 
A Barrier Gate is a vertically moving bar, or pole pivoted to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Barrier Gates are intended for traffic control and are seen in parking garages, storage faculties or toll booths.

Access Control Systems

Mobile Gate Access 
Mobile phone technology allows you to open or close your Gate simply by calling it. A convenient example is, you can open your Gate for a friend or contractor while on vacation from anywhere in the world.

Open or close your Gate without the need of a remote control. Simply key-in your secret pin code.

Telephone Entry 
The entry system rings your landline or mobile phone when someone pushes the call button from your Gate.

Card Readers 
Card readers are a device that utilized an issued card, which the holder inserts or swipes on the reader. This device is generally used on commercial properties, such as gated communities and businesses.

Proximity Readers 
Proximity card devices consist of two components: a card reader and special cards attuned to specific transmission codes. The reader uses an antenna coil to send signals to the cards which receives the reader’s signal with its own antenna coil and reflects the signal back to the reader with its unique code. The reader may then verify or deny verification of the card’s code.

Barcode Readers 
Barcode readers use barcode decals on the vehicle for Identification. As vehicles pass the barcode reader, it detects the decal and reads the ID code, which identifies the vechicle. The decal is applied to a window, making the vehicle part of the access control system.

Transmitters and Remote 
Just like a Garage Door Remote. Gate Openers use remote access devices.

Free Entry or Exit 
Loop detectors in installed in ground and are used to detect the pressure of vehicles and open an Automatic Gate.

Gate Openers

R & R Garage Doors is committed to implementing quality products and ethical services. We do not service or install "low quality" Gate Openers sold from the big box companies. These do-it-yourself type Gate Openers do not last and break down frequently! That is why you must seek out professional services as well as great products. Below you will find just a few of the most common brand openers we install. During your Gate estimate consultation your Gate Technician will specify the correct model for your individual needs and requirements. There are many essential factors when choosing an Operator, including, the expected usage, the width and weight of your Gate. 
Viking Gate
R-6 Swing Gate Operator

The newly redesigned R-6 residential swing gate operator features the VFlex control board with on-board diagnostics LCD display and new chassis design providing easy viewing of the controls. The R-6 is also equipped with a built in heater; an on board temperature management system and allows for an increased gate capacity of up to 700 lbs.. Viking’s integrated true standard battery backup system, convenient fuse access and LED status indicators for incoming high voltage makes the R-6 the operator of choice for your residential swing gate application. The R-6 swing gate operator has a 5 Year residential warranty


Gate Operator
F-1 Swing Gate Operator 

The newly redesigned F-1 vehicular swing gate operator includes the VFlex control board and a removable power supply box for low voltage wiring. The VFlex control board provides a LCD display for diagnostics and operator status.  The new 1/4" steel chassis allows an increased handling capacity for gates up to 1500 lbs. The F-1 operator also features Viking's soft-start / soft-stop, built-in heater and Viking's true battery backup system. Smooth gate operation, compliant to ETL and UL standards with 5 year commercial or 7 year residential warranty makes the F-1 operator the ideal choice for your gate automation needs.



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